Prophecy Networks - 100% Locally Owned & Operated

Prophecy is a 100% NZ-owned and operated boutique technology company that understands business transformation and is a leader in the design and support of nationally significant network and systems infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on forming lasting partnerships with our customers and putting a human face on technology solutions.

Prophecy's greatest asset is our people. Their skills, knowledge and experience give us reliability as well as the agility to take on a wide variety of work and respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently. We adapt our work to each client's commercial and business approach providing a personal touch, our engineers are able to articulate complex technical problems and solutions to customers with any level of technical knowledge. Whether at work behind the scenes, or on-site at the customer’s premises, our staff provide peace of mind to customers through our responsiveness, proactive monitoring, alerting, and 24 x 7 support. We pride ourselves on identifying and remediating problems before they impact businesses.

Customers can leverage our investment and experience across a range of technology to reduce total IT costs.