IT Security

Implementing and maintaining effective IT Security solutions requires thoughtful planning and investment to achieve desired outcomes in a cost-effective manner. The costs associated with IT Security can be viewed in the same light as that of insurance costs. Secure IT systems, like insurance, provide business owners and operators with peace of mind, but do not tend to increase productivity. Cyber insurance can be a part of the overall business plan when planning business continuity.

Modern IT systems, when implemented according to vendor best practice, can be largely secure as the vendors depend on a good reputation for security and common methods can be applied. Conversely, a single critical vulnerability in a homogenous environment can be catastrophic. More complex and diverse IT architectures introduce additional challenges as they must integrate multiple systems, staff and partner access in a secure and consistent way. As is often described, “security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain”, and complex environments introduce many such chained links.

Understanding security in all its aspects is key to implementing and operating an IT security solution effectively.  This includes security products, ongoing staff training, high levels of awareness, prudent operation and maintenance, and a plan to respond to threats and attempts to cause business loss or interruption.

Prophecy Networks has helped businesses to avoid security incidents, as well as to recover from them. With our hands on experience, it means we are equipped to deliver IT Security at all levels, from architecture, planning and design through to operation, maintenance and staff engagement and participation.

At Prophecy we have both breadth and depth of understanding and experience deploying secure IT systems, delivering training and workshops to New Zealand businesses using pragmatic, simple and easy to understand approaches.

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