Storage Services - Prophecy Networks Ltd

Includes offsite storage, Backup as a Service and Veeam for O365 capabilities. Our storage solutions are suitable for any mix of cloud, on-prem or hybrid environments.

Affordable and secure offsite storage
Losing data can be devastating. Whether this is caused by a natural disaster, fire, hardware failure, theft, ransomware or simply a mistake, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know your business data is backed up in a secure offsite location? It might even be a requirement from your insurance company?

Prophecy Networks provides secure offsite storage in our datacentres. Whether you need secure offsite storage for server backups, business documents or CCTV footages etc. Prophecy can offer you a storage service that meets your business requirements.

Prophecy has extensive knowledge and experience of risk management. Prophecy partners with industry leading vendors such as VMware and Veeam and can integrate our services with your existing environment. Prophecy can also back up your cloud, i.e., Microsoft 365 including OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and email.

Prophecy Storage Services:

  • Replicate your on-prem workload to Prophecy’s secure datacentre (private cloud), an enterprise-class infrastructure powered by industry-leading technology
  • Certified engineers that can assist you with the integration of your infrastructure
  • Geo-redundant storage available