Information Security Consulting - Prophecy Networks Ltd

Our consultants can provide assistance with the delivery of security initiatives including new technology introduction.

Advice on and assistance with the delivery of business security initiatives.

Prophecy’s security consultants are experienced in the field of information technology security, from providing paper-based threat assessments, network and systems audits, pragmatic architectural thinking from a defence-in-depth perspective, and advice regarding new technology introduction in a security context.

Our information technology security consultants can:

  • Work with you at the conceptual and architectural design phase of any technology introduction project, providing CTO level input and assisting with the potential security implications and recommended best practices from an industry standard viewpoint
  • Perform audits of existing network and systems environments, making sensible and achievable recommendations for improving environment security while minimising complexity and cost
  • Through partnership with dedicated security vulnerability researchers in the industry we can provide our customers with penetration testing services.

With decades of industry experience, our team is familiar with a vast array of legacy networking and systems technologies and the security implications of running such environments. We understand that it is not always realistic for organisations to replace legacy and potentially end-of-life platforms for a variety of reasons, and as such the need for finding pragmatic solutions for maintaining these systems and the security issues they create.