Cloud Managed Networks - Prophecy Networks Ltd

Cloud based network performance management, monitoring and diagnostics as a service, across wireless, wired and WAN.

Cloud Managed Networking uses the power of the Cloud to watch over your network, alerting you of network anomalies before they become network problems. Cloud based network management enables you to modify your network to accommodate your changing business requirements. Being cloud based means no on-premise network management systems, unparalleled scale potential and availability.

Key benefits of Cloud Managed Networks:

  • Get notified about network events before they become network problems. Telemetry from network devices is aggregated and fed into the cloud, where artificial intelligence digests all information, highlighting abnormal events or configurations
  • Manage and maintain your network from anywhere. Secure remote dashboard access gives you the freedom to monitor and change your network from anywhere
  • Always up-to-date. The cloud-based dashboard is always updated. No more expensive upgrade projects and outages to deploy the latest version of platform management
  • Manage your Wi-Fi Access Points, Network Switches and Firewalls in a single easy-to-use Interface. No longer do you need to maintain separate management platforms for each network element. Each device is designed to work as part of the solution, integrated into a single browser-based management dashboard.

Features of Cloud Managed Networks:

  • Artificial Intelligent monitors your network 24/7 can react to issues before they become customer or business impacting. Port missing a VLAN? You’ll get notified
  • Whole of service monitoring – provided 24/7 by Prophecy support engineers and technical consultants
  • Network-wide insights, management and reporting
  • Corporate LAN and Guest Wi-Fi Networks management
  • Traffic Shaping capabilities enable management and control of application performance
  • No management or controller hardware required – everything runs in the Cloud
  • Cloud platform API, enabling you to integrate with your other systems and applications
  • Wi-Fi with integrated analytics and Bluetooth Beacon tracking, enabling asset tracking and customer device monitoring