Managed Wireless - Prophecy Networks Ltd

A fully outsourced managed wireless solution with Wi-Fi 6 options, security, monitoring and maintenance.

Performance and reliability are key when it comes to mobile connectivity. Take the operational overhead of monitoring and maintaining a Wireless network away with Prophecy’s Managed Wi-Fi solution.

Our Wi-Fi solution is the simple way to provide your business with robust and reliable Wi-Fi. Whether you have 10 Wi-Fi clients or 1000, our Wireless solution takes the pain of operating a Wi-Fi network away, leaving your IT resources free to focus on important tasks.

Leveraging our years of experience with carrier grade networks, we can tune and optimise your Wi-Fi environment to perform at the highest standard.

Key benefits of Managed Wi-Fi:

  • It helps eliminate your capital expenditure. Your operational overhead is reduced as all monitoring, security checks, and network events are handled by Prophecy
  • All maintenance and troubleshooting is provided for you, with reporting supplied monthly or as required
  • Our 24x7 helpdesk gives you the peace of mind that no matter what, support is always at hand to help when you need it
  • It provides powerful asset tracking capabilities. Do you need to locate that important piece of equipment in your warehouse? Our Wi-Fi solution brings location capabilities so you can track and find your valuable assets quickly

Prophecy will install the Wireless hardware (access points) and connect them to your network. We work with your team to setup your Corporate and Guest Wi-Fi services as required. Once operational, we then monitor, maintain and update the Wireless network in the background, ensuring you’re always up to date.